topos 97 | Transformation

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Transformation - this is the cover story of Topos 97. Our cities and landscapes are subject to constant change. In Topos 97 we discover the power of transformational systems, we look at spaces that evolve from simple and rather functionless green surfaces into areas that carry multiple codes of usage.

Conquering the Third Dimension
New perspectives: Luchtsingel bridge in Rotterdam
Klaus Englert

Counter-Cultural Complexities

Extraordinary circumstances: Burning Man Festival in Nevada
Alexander Gutzmer

Between Renewal and Demolition
Constant transformation: Urban change in Shenzhen
Philipp Hoss, Julian Schäfer

Latino Vernacular
Cultural influences: Latino lifestyle in American front yards
James Rojas

From Civil to Civic

Replacement of an icon: The Ribbon of LightViaduct in L.A.
Victor J. Jones, Kelly Shannon

From Industrial to Mixed Use

Urban development: The new Werksviertel in Munich
Katrin Rismont

Defending the Neighborhood

New identity: Renewal of Granby Street in Liverpool
Anna Schabel

Being Alone
Disappeared neighbors: The Isolated Buiding Studies, Chicago
David Schalliol

Unfinished Sicily
Architectural phenomenon: Italy’s incomplete buildings
Sergio Sanna

The Non-Gesture Project
Cultural landscape: Recovery of the thermal orchards in Caldes de Montbui
Sigrid Ehrmann

Transforming the Green
Technical and cultural fusion: The Buitenschot Park in Amsterdam
Marien Berkers

Checking in with Fresh Kills
Long-term process: Update on the Freshkills Park
Wolfram Höfer

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