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MVRDV, which is responsible in person of co-founder Winy Maas for the next guest-curated Baumeister, is like no other office with regarding how it combines its experimental spirit and visionary thinking with a feel for large-scale construction. We don’t want to reveal too much, but here is one thing we can say in advance: Office manager Winy Maas is confident he has something to say that will cause a lot of discussion among readers.

Green Germany

  • "I Can See For Miles and Miles" (The Who) - Our survival depends on more than just a sustainability certification. It is time for architecture to rethink previous solutions and recalibrate its amibitions. The flight of a dreamer
  • Federal Garden Shows as catalysts for urban spaces

German Attitude

  • "Typically German!" opine the neightbours.

German Rules

  • You can´t do that in Germany!
  • From refugee housing to paid residential construction

Made in Germany

  • How to build a Volkswagen
  • Building together: from "ego" to "we go"

German Water

  • Learning from the world: rethinking the future of water

German Beauty

  • Mobility on branch lines


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